Recommended Parking

The area where the building is located is a restricted area for the passage of unauthorized vehicles. to park, has the following options:

If you are going to enter the restricted area of ​​the old town where the building is located, Check in advance the availability of the Calle Sevilla Parking, since this car park is the one that sends the justification for your entry to the restricted area to avoid being fined. The other two car parks shown are outside the restricted area and have free movement of vehicles.

If you have the need for different reasons to unload your vehicle at the same door of the building (Maria Cristina Street) before going to the nearest car park, You must provide us with your registration number as well as your e-mail. In this way we can fill out the restricted area entry form and prevent it from being sanctioned.

Seville car parks

C/ Sevilla, 5 14003-Córdoba

More information and reservations at:

+34 957 49 18 75

Parking Cordoba

W/ Count of Robledo, 6 14008-Córdoba

More information and reservations at:

+34 957 47 87 83

Parkia Victory Walk

Paseo de la Victoria S/N 14004-Córdoba

More information and reservations at:

+34 957 29 63 45